This is not the story of a common hero or an ordinary heroine, this is our story!

What if we were the hero of our own adventure?

In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell illustrates the seventeen stages of the hero’s journey, a trace hidden in the weave of history and always present: the hero, the heroine and their stories change, but the moments that mark the rhythm of their journey remain unchanged.

If it is true that life is an adventure and we are the protagonist of our story then what does our hero’s journey look like?

Here I am retracing these seventeen stages by reflecting on our daily lives. A light reflection to pique our curiosity and awaken in us an interest in delving deeper to better see what is hidden in our personal lives.


Original title: Il nostro viaggio dell’eroe


This book collects the transcripts of the stories you can listen for free on the web. The purchase of this book is therefore your simple gesture of thanks and appreciation for what I have created.

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It is a home-made podcast!

Text written and read by me. A special thanks to Elena for the help with the translation and Charles for the final editing 😉

Thanks Thomas for the technical support!

The cover has been designed by me with the inseparable Inkscape.

The opening and closing song is Suraggu Keikoku no Asa (スラッグ溪谷の朝) [Morning in the Slag Ravine] by Joe Hiraishi (久石譲) for the animation movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ Tenkū no shiro Rapyuta) by Studio Ghibli. Music performed by New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra and directed by Joe Hisaishi. Tim Morrison is the trumpet player.