Our Hero’s Journey

This is not the story of a common hero or an ordinary heroine, this is our story!

Millions of people were born before us and many millions more will be born after us. None of them have experienced or will experience the same adventures as us, just as none of them have achieved or will achieve the same goals as us. Ours is a unique story in the entire history of humanity.

What if we were the hero of our own adventure?
In “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, Joseph Campbell illustrates the 17 stages of the “hero’s journey”, a trace hidden in the weave of story and yet always present: the hero, the heroine and their stories change, but the moments that mark the rhythm of their journey remain unchanging.

If it is true that life is an adventure and we are the protagonist of our story then what does our hero’s journey look like? Here I am retracing these stages by deliberating on our daily lives, a light-hearted reflection to pique our curiosity.

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