Only Those Who Dare May Fly

– Luis Sepúlveda

Leave this world a little better than you found it

– Robert Baden-Powell


I believe in God: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path (psalm 119:105)


I have always looked at the starry sky with a gaze full of wonder, fascinated by its immensity and mystery.

This love for space brought me to obtain a double master’s degree in aerospace engineering at ISAE/ENSICA and in space engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Looking at the Earth from space we understand how it is fragile and how important is to respect what surround us: nature and people.

Space sector is a wonderful testimony of what countries and people from different cultures can do together. Indeed, research and development in space projects always involve international collaborations.


Creativity and ideas are with me from my early years. I like to find solutions to problems and new ways to do things.

I had the opportunity to start my own project that, even if it did not reach the success I hoped for, was a mandatory and a deeply formative experience.

The desire to be a better entrepreneur brought me to work for EBAN (European Business Network) close to investors and successful entrepreneurs. An incredible exciting environment filled by projects able to have a strong impact on our society.

Italy, Europe

I love Italy, my country, and I resolutely defend its culture. In particular, I do not like when it is spoiled for laziness or unjustified exhibitionism.

Europe is for me a great opportunity to extend my thinking’s horizons. Knowing other people so different let me to more appreciate my culture and esteem other people’s.

Mountain, Oceans

Scouting transmitted to me the love for the mountain and the long hikes on steep mountain trails with an heavy backpack have been tools to embrace teachings of life.

Our life can be compared to a long walk where other travellers go along with us for a section of the path. Listening and sharing our stories are valuable experiences.

The love for the ocean was always a little bit hidden inside myself, probably because I am afraid of deep water. But it was able to find his path and grow from my passion for sailing and the unexpected meeting with the surfing community.

My desire for doing something to protect what is around us brought me to start and support several projects and initiatives to clean the oceans.