One of the reasons why I love space is because I am fascinated by the idea that technology could help humankind to exceed its apparent limits. When I was a child, a man flying or walking in a so hostile environment was very inspiring for me.

More I studied aerospace engineering more I loved the space sector, not only for the technology and the science that make everything happen, but also for the positive message space can instil.

Almost every space project involves international collaboration and if someone is in danger or needs support the whole space community is ready to help despite their political positions or self-interests. You cannot find something like this everywhere.

And there is more.

The image of the Earth from space is by now ordinary and, somehow, it is not very exiting anymore. But take a second and visualize yourself flying in the space, only few hundred kilometres from where you are now (the same distance between Rome and Milan). A lighting Earth is in front of you, like a blue marble in the middle of nowhere.

You can see lands, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts and glaciers moving under your eyes. But you cannot see walls, barriers or borders. Suddenly, you see a very thin line that encloses our planet, like a light tissue paper, something that looks very fragile: it is the atmosphere. Thus, you start questioning:

–      We are polluting the air and this thin blanket is the only thing that protects us. Why are we doing that?

–      We are pouring dangerous liquid in the seas and the oceans are full of plastics. Why?

–      We are hiding toxic and useless rubbish underground and our lands are less fertile. Why?

–      We are fighting and arguing with our neighbours for… Why?

–      We want to be right and we want the biggest piece of … Why?

What I would like to tell you is just this: look at the Earth from space and, today, do something, everything, just one simple thing that makes it a better place.