Honestly, it cannot!

Have you ever fully read yours? So, why should other people read something you do not even like?

If you ask an investor what he/she looks for, you will receive an answer like this:

“What we want to know simply isn’t in there (ndr. annual report). We want assurance that our investments are secure, of course. But more than that, we want to know the health of the companies we’re investing in. We’re looking for a holistic view, just as we are when visiting the doctor for a check-up. And to get that, we need more than the financial equivalents of blood pressure and temperature readings.” – Graham Kenny

The weaknesses of an annual report are very well explained in this article, where I took the above quote: What is missing from annual reports, https://hbr.org/2014/12/whats-missing-from-annual-reports

Graham’s opinion is not different from any other investor and, as you can notice, it reflects exactly the view of integrated reporting.

If you believe that a report should:

–     Be concise;

–     Be clear;

–     Be easy to read;

–     Present a holistic view;

–     Present the company from the top management’s point of view;

–     Show the story behind the numbers;

–     Provide productivity and employee retention numbers;

–     Illustrate connections with stakeholders;

–     Illustrate the connections of all internal assets;

–     Show how decisions are related to the vision.

Then, do it so and you will find investors that trust you. An integrated report is a good starting point.