Few days ago, I had a chat with a friend of mine about how it was going. I do not remember how, but the topic moved on women and she told me some stories where she was treated as an office’s decoration or, worse, a toy. These stories shocked me because I have never thought they were possible. Ok, you can listen stories as these on tv, but you are not personally involved. So, that time, it was different.

If I think at the people that are my point of reference, they are my parents: a man and a woman. In this case, my mother was a wonderful person that taught me a lot of stuff: values, principles… everything!

If I think at my most inspiring co-workers I had, they are women. I admire Chloé’s sense of organization and diplomacy; Keti’s precision and sense of “well done”; Manuela’s tenacity and determination Grecia’s brightness and honesty. If I am the person I am now (I hope good), it also due to what I learned from them.

If I think at the most inspiring investors, they are women. I admire Candace’s energy, Audra’s enthusiasm and Hedda’s passion. And if you look at what they are doing you will be shocked.

Without forgetting my sisters and friends… ok the list would be too long 🙂

What I learned from all these women is: “Work well and never give up”.

This “women” topic is not only for women: a close group of women talking each other’s. We need more men that talk to other men about working together (This is my little contribution). But, at the end, we need a “(wo)men only” group: where men and women exchange knowledge as equals. Have you ever seen what diversity can do for your company? Well, take a look!

So, guys, start acting as smart people as I believe you are and enjoy the real added value of your other half.

P.S. My best English teacher was a woman… Ehi, I have never said I was the best student! 🙂